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I'm so grateful to be funded by a community of people - my family of patrons - who believe that art can change the world by inspiring empathy. When you become my patron, for any amount of money that is sustainable for you ($1/month gets you the same things as $50/month. I reject capitalism), you can expect the following offerings from me:

  • Every Monday: a short blog post.

  • Every Thursday: “Take Ten” (a ten-minute offering of centeredness/slowness/thoughtfulness from me) or "Backstage" (I take ya behind the scenes of some of the work I'm doing).

  • Every Fourth Friday of the month: A patron-only livestream or a patron-funded public concert (featuring a special guest!).

  • Any time between scheduled programming: Mp3 downloads of unreleased songs, hot off the writing presses; voice memos of riffs and melodies that may become songs later; and free downloads of official releases.

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