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Host a House Concert

Hosting a house concert (or a listening concert in your coffee shop, your place of worship, your backyard, or your community center) can be super easy AND inexpensive! Lots of house concert hosts spend zero dollars. If you’re interested, let’s get in touch via the form below. Here are the basic requirements:


  • Must have room for 20-50 people to sit (blankets and pillows on the floor/ground totally count as seating!)

  • Must be able to guarantee at least 20 people in the audience (consider co-hosting with a friend if you’re concerned about this!)

  • Must be willing to house and feed Spencer, if necessary


Other than that, house concerts are as unique as their hosts! Some hosts have simply cleared a table and a living room floor and let their guests fill both with food and bodies. Some hosts have strung lights across their backyard, rented folding chairs, and catered the event. Some churches have simply opened their doors. There is no wrong way to do it.


Obviously, Spencer needs to make money doing this. So we’ll talk about that more when you reach out. The minimum amount of money that Spencer needs to make on these shows is frequently met by setting up a donation bucket and venmo QR code at the door, and asking for a “suggested donation” of $20 from each guest. But we can get creative, as well (make it a ticketed event, utilize a church grant, etc). Fill out the form below, and we’ll talk about it!


**Your information on this form will not be used for anything other than potential concert booking. This form does not obligate you to host a concert; nor does it obligate Spencer to play a concert in your space. This is just the start of communication. We’ll be in touch!**

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