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Spencer LaJoye is a folk/pop singer songwriter, violinist, and vocal loop artist in Denver, CO who believes everyone is made of the good stuff. They make music to remember what it means to be human, to find connection in a time of disconnection, and to feel something in a world gone numb.

Spencer's first EP, “We’ve Been That Way Before,” was recorded in Nashville, TN and released in 2014, winning the WYCE Jammie Award for Listener’s Choice: Album of the Year. They released their first solo acoustic album, "Vapor," in 2015 with and for their friends and community in Grand Rapids, MI.  LaJoye's most recent album, “Altars," was released in Denver, CO in February 2018. Theologically bent, "Altars" features full-band arrangements of songs Spencer performs with a vocal looper.

Spencer is currently living, writing, and performing in Denver, trying to longboard, and probably talking about their cat, Montgomery. They spend the rest of their time curating a small live music listening room for local and touring songwriters in Lakewood, CO called “The Chimney Place.” 

The easiest way to support Spencer and stay connected is to join their community on Patreon.