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I'm so grateful to be funded by a community of people - my family of patrons - who believe that art can change the world by inspiring empathy. When you become my patron, for any amount of money that is sustainable for you, you can expect the following offerings from me:


  • Every Monday: a short blog post.

  • Every Thursday: β€œTake Ten” (my effort to utilize my hard-earned M.Div). Ten minutes of sacred space. It’s a time to take ourselves seriously and hold ourselves lightly - a gentle offering of slowness and centeredness. I give a short reflection and respond to every comment with a personalized blessing, of sorts.

  • Every First Friday of the month: A family dinner via Zoom. You bring food, and I will, too. We hang out. I believe that community around food is the most messy, awkward, and wholesome thing there is.

  • Every Fourth Friday of the month: A patron-only livestreamed concert.

  • Any time between scheduled programming: Mp3 downloads of unreleased songs, hot off the writing presses; voice memos of riffs and ramblings that may become songs later; and free downloads of official releases.